Waxing Services

Whether you desire a new brow shape or the popular full Brazilian, note that waxing is one of our top areas of expertise. Corinne blends years of waxing know-how in a cozy, private environment to ensure your experience is pleasant, quick and efficient. You’ll be telling your friends in no time!

Basic Bikini - $20
Hair is removed outside the bikini line

Itsy Bitsy Bikini - $30
A narrow strip remains – does not include buttocks

Modified Brazilian - $35
Only a narrow strip remains in front

Full Brazilian - $40
Everything Gone! Hair is completely removed from front to back.
(Lasts 3-4 weeks)

Full Legs - $65+

˝ Legs - $45
Thigh to knee or knee to ankle

Full Arms - $35

˝ Arms - $20
Elbow to wrist or Shoulder to elbow

Underarms - $20

Back - $35+

Eyebrow and Shaping - $10

Lip / Chin - $10 each


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